Baby swimming in the mountain guest-house MYSLIVNA, Cerny Dul

Why to swim with children

Swimming is one from possible activities which help health children development. Heart vascular system is favourably influenced by adequate exertion. Regular movement on land or in water causes heart muscle strenghtening and heart chamber expansion. Right breathing technology in swimming and exercising provides enough oxygen exchange even in lungs outskirts. The result is vital capacity increasing, rib cage elasticity and expansion. Breathing is high-quality because the whole lung surface is working.

Stays in water satisfy children´s psychical needs and allows their locomotive development. Intestinal peristaltis gets better due to lower limbs activity in water. Water movement helps disposal of various bearing defects.Human body is lifted slightly during swimming. Taking great pains is not necessary for keeping body afloat. Supporting system is lightened, particularly bones and joints. Back muscles keeping right backbone curvature get stronger thanks to swimming. Children move their limbs rhythmically. Muscle tension change with their relaxing.Stay in water together with active training make children pleasantly tired and support their appetite. Children are calm, good-tempered and thrive well.

There are also another reasons for baby swimming – it is life-saving from drowning. Children meet water influence earlier, get sense for it, they get stronger in general. The result is that they learn swimming better and earlier.

Hardening itself is prevention from ilnesses. Children adapt better to extreme conditions. Cold water irritation of skin causes artery narrowing, reduce warmth outlay and at the same time organism is forced to increase activity for warmth production. Blood circulation and better blood supply of skin follow which leads to better metabolism.

Swimming, exercising and hardening is suitable for children not only from health point of view, but as formative process as well. It leads to strong will, endurance and discipline development. These activities are interesting for children and parents usually help and cooperate.It tightens family relations.

Regular movement in water together with exercising and hardening forms a habit in children´s mind and it positively influences their future lives. These kinds of habits are accepted only in case of mild and kind application. They become children´s entertainment, not only practical aim. Children remember it in their memories. It very often becomes the basis of their emotional development. Children get feeling of trust and life security and it is very important for their mental development.

The aim is not to learn babies or little children swimming, but to learn them not to be scared of water, to learn them right breathing, floating and to prepare them for future process of swimming itself.